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Workforce Information

The size, structure and composition of the public sector workforce changes from year to year. This reflects changing community needs, government priorities, the economic environment and demographic trends.

To better understand the workforce, the Commissioner conducts a regular census. Information collected includes employment details (full-time, part-time or casual, classification, etc) and workforce demographics (age, gender and diversity).

The public sector uses this valuable information to plan for demographic changes (e.g. an ageing workforce), ensure the right skills are recruited and retained, and identify ways to make the public sector more productive and efficient.

Recently, workforce information was used to identify ways to reduce temporary labour hire across the public sector, resulting in savings of over $30 million in one financial year.

Collecting and analysing workforce information also helps ensure the public sector reflects South Australia’s diverse community. It is used to monitor progress against South Australia’s Strategic Plan Targets, like increasing the number of Aboriginal people employed in the public sector (Target 53) and the number of women employed at executive levels (Target 52).

Collating and transferring data

Data about the public sector workforce is collected from agencies through the  Workforce Analysis and Collection Application (WACA) managed by the Office for the Public Sector. The data is summarised and published each year by the Commissioner. Agencies can also prepare workforce information tables for the agency as a part of the annual human resources reporting process.

Workforce Information reports

Key highlights

Record increase in women in executive positions to 47.03%

A record percentage of 47.03% females in executive positions across the South Australian Public Sector has been reported in the 2016 South Australian Public Sector Workforce Information Report. This is an increase of 2.43% from the 2015 report.

Record increase in Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander employment to 1.77%

An additional 106 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people started working within our public sector during 2015-16 – representing a new record of 1.77% of our workforce.

Download the full report for 2016, or search below for full reports and topic specific information dating back to 1998.

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