Office for the Public Sector


Our public sector

Employing over 100,000 South Australians, our public sector is the largest employer in the State.

We are the administrative arm of the Government of South Australia, accountable to the relevant ministers, the Premier, and Parliament. Agencies within our sector, variously called departments, commissions, authorities and services, are responsible for:

  • advising the government of the day on policy matters
  • implementing government decisions and parliamentary legislation
  • delivering public services such as health care, education, policing, emergency services, natural resource management and public transport.

Our sector is responsible for helping achieve the targets laid out in South Australia’s Strategic Plan, and for supporting the 7 Strategic Priorities and 10 Economic Priorities, to ensure the future prosperity of our State.

The Government of South Australia’s A Modern Public Service policy aims to “build a modern and capable public sector that works together with citizens, business and communities to deliver results for South Australia.”

A Modern Public Service policy outlines a series of reforms designed to unlock the capacity, innovation and expertise that exists within the public sector, and build a stronger public sector that is more able to respond to the needs of business, the community and the Government of South Australia.

To learn more about our public sector, read the Commissioner’s State of the Sector reports or look through our workforce information.

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