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Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

The Office for the Public Sector’s key initiatives align with our strategic objectives.

A summary of the Office’s achievements and objectives and priorities are now available.

A message from the Commissioner

Welcome to the Office for the Public Sector.

Premier Weatherill established our office to create a fully integrated approach to building the public sector culture we all want to see. A strong public sector is a vital feature of this State. We will modernise it, make it more efficient and inspire within it a culture of change, growth and excellence.

We aim to deliver a world-leading public sector that serves South Australians well, does what it says it will do, and to which every public servant is proud to belong. This won’t be easy, but we’re ready for the challenge.

We will lead the way, we will break down barriers, we will change the way our sector operates by focussing on our people.

We will start with the people in our sector who do a fantastic job every day, who are professional, passionate and care about serving South Australians. We will develop and support these people until they reflect the overwhelming majority of our sector.

We will equip our workforce to deliver the best outcomes for South Australia. We will work with the sector to challenge cultural and structural barriers, to do things differently, raise productivity, develop exceptional leaders, and uphold and promote the professional standards of our sector.

We will continue transforming the public sector. Our Strategic Objectives outline how we will build strong foundations, engage our people and forge the future of our sector.

Erma Ranieri
Commissioner for Public Sector Employment


Our overarching efforts in the year ahead will be directed towards achieving our strategic objectives. They are:

Building strong foundations

Engaging our people

Forging our future

Building strong foundations

We will build a more modern, professional public service.

We will cut red tape for our sector.

We will act as one government.

We are engaged in:

  • Lifting the standards of professional excellence within our sector
  • Facilitating a flexible, mobile workforce by developing modern and consistent policies
  • Delivering and supporting game-changing whole-of-government policies, starting with Redeployment, Retraining and Redundancy
  • Getting to the root of workplace issues by training agency staff in human resources and industrial relations
  • Embracing the opportunities brought by new legislation, starting with the Return to Work Act 2014
  • Updating the Code of Ethics to support a modern public sector
  • Setting high standards for leadership with a Charter for the South Australian Executive Service
  • Using workforce data and knowledge to make the best possible decisions and plan for the future

Engaging our people

We will attract and retain the best people.

We will provide opportunities for our people.

We will develop our people to be the best they can be.

We have been:

  • Developing our people to be leaders, not just managers
  • Ensuring our leaders have the tools at their fingertips that allow them to be true leaders, including extensive online resources
  • Supporting our leaders to take the next steps in their career
  • Developing our people to take responsibility, to be responsive and work together to build a modern public service
  • Providing career pathways by:
    • launching the Jobs SA vacancies website to cut red tape in recruitment and attract the best talent to the public sector
    • creating a central online induction to welcome and educate all new employees
    • continuing Jobs4Youth to renew the workforce and provide job opportunities for 200 young people across the State each year
    • creating more opportunities for ASO1 staff to progress to ASO2, giving new recruits the chance to forge a long term career

Forging our future

We will provide the best possible service to South Australians.

We will live the public sector values.

We will commit to the wellbeing of our people.

We have been:

Values and behaviours

Our values are the public sector values. They reflect our focus on the ever changing needs of South Australians and the role of Government in helping to grow the State’s prosperity and wellbeing.

The Office for the Public Sector will uphold the public sector values through its decisions, actions and interactions.


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