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Public Sector Management Program

The Public Sector Management Program (PSMP) is a professional development course specifically designed for current and aspiring public sector leaders. It is offered to public sector employees around Australia.

Applications for The next Public Sector Management Program  will commence on 25 July 2016. Applications are now open, and will close on 22 June 2016. Applicants will need to be available to attend workshops on:

  • Workshop 1: 15 – 18 August 2016
  • Workshop 2: 28 – 30 November 2016
  • Workshop 3: 3-5 April 2017
  • Workshop 4: 24 – 27 July 2017.

More information regarding applying the for the next course can be found on the QUT website.

Participants who successfully complete the course will gain a Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management).

The program develops participants’ understanding of the role of the business of government and develops their management capacity to:

  • understand and effectively manage the business of government
  • think systemically in an ambiguous and contestable world
  • be accountable and be held to account
  • become reflective practitioners
  • manage relationships for customer and business outcomes
  • enable self and others for productivity and performance.

The program has a 22-year track record of success and continues to make a significant impact on the Commonwealth, State and Local governments.

The program has evolved to meet the changing needs of the public sector. It provides an engaging and relevant curriculum, delivered through a unique blend of work-based learning, workshops and a virtual learning environment.

The PSMP is delivered in all capital cities by a single national provider, QUT (Queensland of University of Technology).

Units of study

The PSMP consists of four units of study, which can be completed over a 15 month period. The units have been designed in consultation with the governments of Australia and are delivered using a flexible approach to learning and work based assignments:

Unit one: Managing within the Context of Government
Unit one provides the ‘big picture’ of government and the context within which public sector managers operate. It develops an understanding of the institutional frameworks and conventions which guide practice and ensure sustainable democratic processes.

Unit two: Managing Self and Others
Unit two provides insights into key individual and group behaviours, and offers skills for communicating with and managing people and teams.

Unit three: Managing Outwards in a Networked Government
Unit three explores the variety of relationships that managers need to build across the public sector and outside it—with the private sector, with community and not-for-profit sector and with citizens and clients of government services.

Unit four: Managing Operations for Outcomes
Unit four builds the overall operational capabilities of managers and provides them with highly effective and appropriate tools, processes and diagnostic capabilities to deliver and sustain the business of government.

Flexible learning options

A fully online version of the PSMP is now available for those who have extenuating circumstances and cannot attend the workshops in person.

Participants in the Online Exception Program will engage in fully online self-directed learning supported by the Virtual Learning Environment, with the addition of one webinar per unit and email and telephone support.

To find out more about the Online Exception Program, download the information sheet below.

To apply for the Online Exception Program, download the application form below.

Further information

You can get further information, including detailed unit outlines and program timetables, from the QUT website or by contacting QUT on 1800 145 041 or

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