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Grievance Review Commission

The Public Sector Grievance Review Commission (PSGRC) reviews a range of employment decisions for eligible employees within the South Australian public sector (some types of decision are reviewed by the Industrial Relations Commission).

An employment decision is defined as an administrative decision relating to employment,  and may include decisions around engagement, promotion, transfer, remuneration, entitlements, termination or disciplinary action. This can also include the failure or refusal to make a decision.

The Commission usually hears grievances following an internal review of the relevant decision.

Employees aggrieved by a reviewable employment decision must make an application to the Commission within 21 days after the employee is notified by an agency of the outcome of the internal review.

If the employment decision relates to a selection process, the employee must apply to the Commission with seven days.

When conducting a review, the Commission examines the employment decision based on the evidence or material before the agency when making the decision. The Commission may also consider further evidence or material presented to it.

The Commission may either affirm the decision or refer a matter to the relevant chief executive for further consideration in accordance with any directions or recommendations it desires to make.

The Commission cannot rescind an employment decision or substitute it with one it considers appropriate.

A Commission review panel will consist of either:

  • Presiding Commissioner Kathleen McEvoy, or
  • Assistant Commissioner Anne Burgess


  • a nominee of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment
  • a nominee of the applicant, selected from the panel of nominees of public sector representative organisations.

More information is provided in the PSGRC Information Bulletin, including:

  • the review process
  • the powers and responsibilities of the Commission
  • a list of people who are not eligible to have the Commission review their case
  • further detail on which employment decisions are eligible to be reviewed
  • the circumstances under which an employee can apply to the PSGRC without and internal review being completed
  • reviews of selection processes.

To submit an application to the Public Sector Grievance Review Commission, please download and complete the PSGRC Grievance Review Application Form.

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