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Health and Safety

Safety is key to a worker’s health, wellbeing and productivity. Health and wellbeing means more than preventing accidents and incidents. It is the strategic creation of supportive workplaces where wellbeing is integral to workplace health and safety.

Health and safety policies and standards are in place to make sure everyone in the public sector knows their rights and responsibilities at work. We provide strategic advice on return to work as well as auditing and verification of workplace health and safety practices.

A culture of transparency, open reporting and accountability is important to keep the public sector workforce safe. Our safety strategy Safety and Wellbeing in the Public Sector 2010–2015, and the accompanying South Australian Public Sector Workforce Wellbeing Framework, outline the standards and vision for safety performance in the sector. The strategy also promotes wellbeing in the workplace through the Premier’s vision for zero harm and 100% return to work, outlined in the Premier’s Declaration on Safety and Wellbeing in the Public Sector.

The safety strategy is aligned with the High Performance Framework (HPF) and aims to:

  • make safety performance more predictable
  • undertake regular external safety assessments
  • establish key performance indicators that trigger action
  • continually improve safety and wellbeing.

We will be preparing a new safety strategy in 2015. This will build on the current strategy and lessons learned to support the safety and wellbeing of the public sector into the future. This strategy incorporates new elements found in the Return to Work Act 2014.

Useful information on health and safety in the workplace can be found on the SafeWork SA, Safe Work Australia and ReturnToWorkSA websites.

The South Australian Public Sector Code of Practice for Crown Self-Insured Employers is currently being reviewed to make sure it aligns with the requirements of the Return to Work Act 2014. An updated Code of Practice will be issued shortly.

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