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Other guidance

In addition to issuing Determinations and Guidelines, the Commissioner will occasionally publish other information relevant to public sector employees.

Pre-Employment Screening

To be eligible for employment in the South Australian Public Sector candidates are required to complete a Declaration in connection with an application for employment in the South Australian Public Sector.

The Premier will shortly be issuing a Direction which requires agencies to seek the information contained in this form only for candidates who have progressed through to the final stages of the selection process. This will eliminate unnecessary collection of this information from all candidates.

In most cases collection of this information will be at the time of interview or prior to an offer of employment being made.

All information collected in relation to candidates’ declaration in connection with an application for employment should be collected using the standard Pre-Employment Declaration Form as issued by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment.

The standard Pre-Employment Declaration Form is available and will be effective from the date the Premier’s Direction is signed.

Pre-employment screening requirements will be included in the updated Commissioner’s Guideline for Recruitment which will be released over the coming months. In the meantime here is an extract from the draft Guideline for your information.

We’ll let you know when the Premier’s Direction is signed. In the meantime if you require further guidance please contact Natalie Morris on 8226 4007.

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

The South Australian Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Control Policy was developed by OPS in consultation with public sector agencies to assist them in the prevention, detection and response to activities labelled or defined as fraud or corruption, other criminal conduct, misconduct and maladministration within the sector.

Defence Reserve Service - Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Defence Force and the South Australian public sector regarding the administration of reservists undertaking reserve service under the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001.

Public sector employees contesting elections

This information sheet outlines the requirements for a public sector employee if they are the successful candidate in a South Australian State election.

Social media guidance for agencies and staff

Technology has forever changed the way people communicate and share information. While the wide range of technologies commonly referred to as social media are fundamentally no different to other forms of communication, they are potentially revolutionary because they can connect large numbers of people with relative ease.

We want to put citizens firmly at the centre of government service delivery and information distribution. Social media technologies can support this aim because they are intrinsically about dialogue and engagement within and between individuals and communities.

The purpose of this guide is to create awareness of some of the opportunities that social media presents for government, as well as making agencies and staff aware of how to manage the risks associated with the use of this kind of technology.

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