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COVID-19 Workforce Considerations

for the South Australian Public Sector

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Disability Employment Strategy, Plan and Toolkit

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Approval of leave to assist the bushfire effort

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Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Plan

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SA Public Sector

MHW Toolkit and Framework

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Manager Essentials


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Aboriginal Employment

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Code of Ethics

A new Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector is now in operation

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About the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE)

Led by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, Erma Ranieri, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (formerly the Office for the Public Sector) works collaboratively to develop a world-leading, innovative, responsive and inclusive public sector that benefits all South Australians. We set professional standards for the public sector, fostering innovation, excellence and performance.

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Erma Ranieri

Commissioner for Public Sector Employment

Our Values

The public sector values have been developed to make it easier for us to work together by forming a culture and a vision that we will all share. They have been encapsulated in an introduction guide to help you embed them in your organisation. The values reflect that as a public sector we are focussed on the ever changing needs of South Australians and the place of Government in helping to grow the State’s prosperity and wellbeing.

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is designed to harness the potential of the public sector workforce to increase productivity and improve its connection with the community. Every agency has its specialties and standout leaders. Change@SouthAustralia brings these leaders together to create a culture of collaboration, continual improvement and positive change across the entire organisation. Our aim is to create a dynamic, responsive and productive workforce with strong and effective community partnerships.

Change@SouthAustralia runs several initiatives to achieve this goal, including:


is a catalyst for change. It challenges cultural assumptions that act as barriers to performance improvement. The Change@SouthAustralia team  works with public sector organisations to forge efficiency and productivity gains and effect positive cultural change. Change@SouthAustralia operates a number of interconnected projects that are designed to achieve its vision of a dynamic and productive workforce.

The role of the program is to:

  • build and support renewal from within public sector organisations
  • foster partnerships
  • collaborate to find new solutions
  • share the knowledge gained
  • give public sector employees a voice in defining and creating change
  • provide organisations with an effective change framework, tools and templates

The Change@SouthAustralia 90-day change projects have clear goals, improve productivity, engage with the community and benefit South Australians. Project teams partner with business, community groups and other agencies to improve the lives of South Australians. The 90-day timeframe keeps things moving and shows that positive change can happen quickly and easily. Barriers – real or perceived – are dissolved and people work together in an inventive environment to achieve their goals. This creates a culture of continual improvement within the public sector.

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