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State of the Sector

Each year the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment releases the State of the Sector, a report that details how the public sector principles have been put into action throughout the financial year.

The Public Sector Act 2009 outlines the public sector principles, which apply to all public sector agencies and employees.

The public sector principles are:

  • public focus
  • responsiveness
  • collaboration
  • excellence
  • employer of choice
  • ethical behaviour and professional integrity
  • legal requirements.

The Commissioner also reports on other subjects related to employment within the public sector, including:

  • cultural and structural reform
  • progress on workforce diversity targets
  • recruitment
  • workforce development
  • workforce planning and management
  • key policy changes
  • changes to the Commissioner’s Determinations and Guidelines
  • reviews, grievances and whistleblower disclosures.

State of the Sector Dashboard

2019 Dashboard will available shortly.

In 2018, the Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment streamlined workforce data collection and can now access data more readily. Part of this process involved the creation of the Public Sector Employment Review (PSER), a sector-wide survey that allows agencies to provide responses to a range of questions about how they have implemented core policies on workforce performance, culture and integrity.

Of the 52 questions asked of agencies in the PSER review, 38 were asked for the first time in 2018. Responses to each question can be access through the PSER Dashboard, and may also be downloaded from the document below.

State of the Sector Reports

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