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90-Day Projects

90-day projects are a fast-paced and focused approach to delivering successful outcomes

What are 90-day projects?

 The 90-day project approach is a key offering of Change@SouthAustralia and has been in place since 2012, supporting the delivery of more than 75 projects to date.

The approach supports organisations to deliver projects that address complex problems, with a focus on delivering genuine public value. Projects come from both inside and outside of Government. The majority of Government agencies have delivered at least one 90-day project, along with a number of projects established by NGOs and not for profit organisations. 90-day projects are grounded in the Public Sector Values & Behaviours.

The Change@SouthAustralia team are ready and willing to discuss any ideas or potential projects. There is the offer of a Design Workshop for all projects. This is an offsite workshop that brings stakeholders together to analyse the problem and to start shaping goals. Projects can then progress through the 90-days, benefiting from being time-boxed with a focus on innovative solutions and positive outcomes. Projects are partnered by a Change Management Consultant throughout the process to provide support and challenge.

Below you will find examples of the wide variety of projects that have been delivered via the 90-day approach.

How do I get in touch?

Please get in touch with us via email at and we will respond soon after.

VIEW: All Projects In Progress Completed

Adelaide Zero 90-day Project

Adelaide is leading the charge to become the first city outside North America to achieve Functional Zero homelessness. On any given night there are up to 120 people sleeping rough in the Adelaide CBD....


Connecting graduates to South Australian Government careers

The State Government is the largest employer in South Australia and is committed to increasing opportunities for graduates to join the public sector. Currently, graduates can face challenges in accessing...


Facilitating better employment outcomes for transitioning Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel

This 90-day project will develop a Veterans' Employment Framework which is in line with the South Australian Charter for Veterans. Transitioning Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel face challenges...


Building Wellbeing and Resilience in the Public Sector

The South Australian (SA) Government is committed to supporting the well being and resilience of public sector employees. More than one in four Australian workers’ productivity is compromised due to...


Innovation in Social Housing

The 90 Day Innovation in Social Housing Project with Office for the Ageing (OFTA) and Renewal SA, older Housing SA tenants are being asked how housing and precinct design can respond to their needs as...


Technical Reporting Transparency for the Water Industry Entities

The South Australian Water Industry is regulated by the Office of the Technical Regulator; Environment Protection Authority; Department for Health and Ageing; Department of Environment, Water and Natural...


Disability Workforce Hub to support move to the NDIS

This 90-day project will establish a Disability Workforce Hub in Northern Adelaide to support the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS will transform how disability...


State of Wellbeing

The focus of this project is to develop a statement to describe SA as a ‘State of Wellbeing’. Wellbeing is a broad term that often means different things to different people. Wellbeing is influenced...


Streamlining live music regulation

This project will design an optimal regulatory environment that supports a thriving business and music industry in consultation with the community. To achieve these goals the project will: map the...


Streamlining the screening process for citizens of South Australia

This important project will involve reengineering the screening process, including analysis of the 5 types of screening and streamlining applications predicting future demand and reviewing the...


Exploring options to make private rental assistance fairer and more sustainable

The private rental market provides an essential housing option, yet many South Australians face barriers to entering or maintaining a tenancy. Low-income households face the highest barriers, including...


Safe to be you: Cultural Safety – a work health and safety issue

Work health and safety legislation requires that everyone in the workplace, from senior officers, workers, volunteers and visitors, plays a role in ensuring the health and safety of all is protected. This...