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Addressing trade waste concerns in the food and beverage industry

Over the last decade SA Water has been moving towards a cost-recovery model for volume and load-based (VLB) trade waste services. This has led to a significant increase in costs for particular industries. The food and beverage industry represents a significant percentage of the VLB customers and is particularly sensitive to increased trade waste costs.

The food and beverage industry in South Australia is working with the public sector to address the challenges presented by the increased costs and compliance requirements placed on these businesses.

This project will focus on the impacts of trade waste management on the VLB customers as well as those close to qualifying as VLB customers in the food and beverage industry. The project team will work together to identify, make recommendations and where possible, develop measures to address the rising cost pressures on the food and beverage industry in an effective and sustainable way.

This project will be led by the newly created Simpler Regulation Unit of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in conjunction with SA Water and Food SA. Other government agencies involved include Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Department of State Development (DSD) and Zero Waste SA. Selected food and beverage industry representatives and the Water Industry Alliance will also be engaged.

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