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Adelaide Zero 90-day Project

Adelaide is leading the charge to become the first city outside North America to achieve Functional Zero homelessness. On any given night there are up to 120 people sleeping rough in the Adelaide CBD. The Adelaide Zero Project focuses on a coordinated and sustained effort to more effectively match the need for housing with supply. Functional Zero homelessness is achieved when, over a defined period, the number of people who are homeless is no greater than the housing availability.

The foundation to the approach is knowing all the people sleeping rough on a by-name basis on any given night and reporting publicly on the overall number of people sleeping rough in as close to real time as possible. The Don Dunstan Foundation has been working with former Thinker in Residence, Roseanne Haggerty’s Community Solutions to bring this initiative to Adelaide, following on from its success across 75 US communities.

The first phase of the Adelaide Zero Project is understanding how the US model, Functional Zero, can be applied in Adelaide. This 90-day project will focus on creating a model and approach for rollout that can then be implemented in phase two. A discussion paper has been released following research by the University of Adelaide and Flinders University, which forms the foundation to the work.

This project is part of the South Australian Government’s 90-day projects, delivered through the Change@SouthAustralia initiative.

For more information about the Adelaide Zero Project and Functional Zero visit.

For a copy of the Adelaide Zero discussion paper visit.


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