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Expanding police use of technology for community benefit

Values: collaboration, engagement, sustainability

Evidence suggests that police officers wearing a video camera on their shoulder (body worn video) helps to moderate the behaviour of offenders, and also provides the advantage of streamlining the prosecution process when a case gets to court.

The aim of this project was to establish a robust business case for SAPOL to invest in the use of a body worn video system for operational police to realise benefits to the criminal justice system and improved community safety.

The project illustrates how SAPOL can work innovatively with other agencies that either have an enforcement role or use evidence, such as the South Australian Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney-General’s Department, Courts Administration Authority, Families SA and Primary Industries and Regions SA, for better operation of the criminal justice system.

The next step is to submit the business case to SAPOL executive, for consideration as part of the budget process.


Strategic priority

Safe communities, healthy neighbourhoods




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