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Change @ South Australia

Facilitating better employment outcomes for transitioning Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel

This 90-day project will develop a Veterans’ Employment Framework which is in line with the South Australian Charter for Veterans. Transitioning Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel face challenges in translating their skill set into civilian competencies. This can result in less than optimal employment options/outcomes for this group which may impact wellbeing, income security and have long term effects on their families.  The State Government is the largest employer in South Australia and needs to position itself as an employer of choice for this highly skilled group.  The Veterans’ Employment Framework  will be underpinned by two key documents. One is aimed at SA Government managers and HR practitioners detailing the value proposition for considering ex ADF staff as potential employees.  The other is for veterans which details the value proposition for considering State Government as a potential employer and how to translate their skill set to public sector competencies.

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