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90-Day Projects

90-day projects are a fast-paced and focused approach to delivering successful outcomes

What are 90-day projects?

 The 90-day project approach is a key offering of Change@SouthAustralia and has been in place since 2012, supporting the delivery of more than 75 projects to date.

The approach supports organisations to deliver projects that address complex problems, with a focus on delivering genuine public value. Projects come from both inside and outside of Government. The majority of Government agencies have delivered at least one 90-day project, along with a number of projects established by NGOs and not for profit organisations. 90-day projects are grounded in the Public Sector Values & Behaviours.

The Change@SouthAustralia team are ready and willing to discuss any ideas or potential projects. There is the offer of a Design Workshop for all projects. This is an offsite workshop that brings stakeholders together to analyse the problem and to start shaping goals. Projects can then progress through the 90-days, benefiting from being time-boxed with a focus on innovative solutions and positive outcomes. Projects are partnered by a Change Management Consultant throughout the process to provide support and challenge.

Below you will find examples of the wide variety of projects that have been delivered via the 90-day approach.

How do I get in touch?

Please get in touch with us via email at and we will respond soon after.

VIEW: All Projects In Progress Completed

Greener materials in road construction

The benefits of using more recycled material in road construction and maintenance are the focus of this 90-day project. The project will look at the potential benefits of increasing the amount of recycled...


Reducing travel demands on regional frontline policing

Police officers can spend a significant amount of time travelling long distances outside their Local Service Area to appear in court, transport evidence and fulfil other duties which take them away from...


Valuing our veteran community

This 90 day project seeks to establish a process for collecting data on veterans and their families’ use of identified state government services such as health, mental health, correctional services...


One Government: Working together for integrated policy that meets citizens’ needs

Joined-up policy delivery is about government working collaboratively across portfolio and agency boundaries and developing a more holistic approach to policy design and delivery. This project aimed to...


Alternative finance options for small business

This project explored potential innovative solutions to the challenges faced by small business when accessing capital to grow, innovate or sustain. Alternative finance options, such as peer-to-peer lending...


Improving apprentice licensing

The Improving Apprentice Licencing Project reviewed and implemented changes to make the process of registering for plumbing, gas and electrical trade apprenticeships simpler. This will make significant...


Live Data: Remote Access for Lifetime Support Authority Staff

The Lifetime Support Authority (LSA) cares for and supports South Australians who are very seriously injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Through this project, the LSA has adopted new technologies...


Transitional pathways for young people exiting Guardianship of the Minister

Young people exiting Guardianship of the Minister are amongst the most vulnerable in our community. Upon exiting State care, many young people face a significant risk of homelessness, poverty and social...


Knowledge Exchange Program: Generating information and knowledge flows between the public sector, universities, industry and the not-for-profit sector

This 90-day project was the beginning of a larger project which has the overarching aim of increasing the number and range of cross-sector staff and student exchanges, secondments and placements between...


Making genuine stakeholder engagement business as usual across Government

This project focused on researching, collaborating across government, and developing leading edge resources for the public sector in relation to stakeholder engagement, as well as developing capacity and...


Improving Plumbers’ Licences endorsements

Plumbers’ licences are quite complex documents that are not generally understood by the public. This project aimed to simplify plumbers’ licences for greater consumer protection and safety by providing...


Scoping the benefits of nurses in schools

This project analysed the benefit of a nursing service within State Government schools. The project team was made up of representatives from the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), SA...