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Reducing red tape for the tuna industry

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This project aimed to reduce red tape to maximise opportunity for South Australia’s Tuna Industry. The tuna industry in South Australia is based in Port Lincoln on Eyre Peninsula.  It generates around $150 m per year for the South Australian economy and is a major regional employer and the largest sector of the SA aquaculture industry.

This project has reduced the regulatory burden for South Australia’s Bluefin tuna industry by speeding up the time it takes to gain approvals for a tuna license each year and where possible, to reduce the cost to tuna farmers.  The aim was to change processes so they fit better with the annual fishing and farming cycle, which is determined largely by the migration patterns of southern Bluefin tuna.

The two agencies that were involved in the project played vital roles. Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) works to ensure the viability and growth of the industry whilst the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) maintains oversight of the ocean environment, to ensure it stays healthy into the future and copes with activities like aquaculture.  Through discussions with the tuna industry and agency chief executives, an opportunity was identified to make improvements in the way these two agencies interact with tuna farmers, so that the industry is able to operate more efficiently.

The Deliverables achieved in the 90 days


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