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Safe to be you: Cultural Safety – a work health and safety issue

Work health and safety legislation requires that everyone in the workplace, from senior officers, workers, volunteers and visitors, plays a role in ensuring the health and safety of all is protected. This includes both physical and psychological health.

Central to feeling safe at work is knowing that you can safely express your cultural identity. Together we can create work environments where we recognise and respect every worker’s cultural identity whether they identify by their age, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or social class.

The project will develop a Work Health and Safety (WHS) Framework for Cultural Safety. A focus on cultural safety as part of a WHS framework will provide an environment where every public sector worker or person who engages with the public sector feels safe to express their own cultural identity.

The WHS Framework for Cultural Safety will mature the existing public sector WHS system as well as provide an umbrella framework encompassing other related policies and frameworks to ensure a holistic approach is taken to achieve culturally safe workplaces for all.

Case Study_Safe to be you _Cultural Safety_ a work health and safety issue

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