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Change management toolkit

This toolkit will help public sector organisations lead sustainable and productive change. As seen in our 90-day projects, we pursue changes that promote innovation and improve the way services are delivered to South Australians.

What is change?

For the purposes of this toolkit, change is an action or project that affects the way work is performed by South Australian public sector employees. Change can apply to many areas including:

  • services, regulatory functions and policy development
  • processes
  • structures (including day-to-day team restructures)
  • performance expectations
  • application of technology
  • skills.

These changes range from the very small to transformational.

Who is this toolkit for?

The South Australian public sector is constantly changing. Everyone within the sector is a part of that change, and will benefit from doing it better. This toolkit is designed for use by everyone in our sector, but it is most useful for:

  • leaders restructuring their teams
  • change managers allocated to projects
  • project sponsors
  • project managers
  • anyone charged with implementing change.

If you are a South Australian public sector employee, please use your work email address to login to the Change Management Toolkit.

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