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High Performance Framework

We are supporting a public sector that strives for excellence and embraces a culture of continuous improvement. We want everyone from individuals to whole organisations working at a high level. The High Performance Framework (HPF) was developed to achieve this goal.

The HPF gives leaders a structured way to analyse the performance of their organisation, division or team. It helps them better understand what is working well and what should be improved.

The HPF provides a structured opportunity to talk about:

  • future challenges
  • alignment with policy directions and strategic priorities
  • performance against legislative obligations
  • standards associated with high performance and how they are being met.

In November 2013, the HPF received a commendation at The Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management – Australia’s most prestigious awards recognising the efforts of public sector managers and organisations.

While it is clear that the HPF is working well, we have embraced the culture of continuous improvement. We are updating its content with a renewed focus on service excellence, leadership and strategy, people and culture, and information and innovation. We are simplifying its structure, and making it work for small teams as well as large organisations. The updated framework is now being piloted across government.

Once the pilot is complete, the new HPF will be available here. The current HPF can still be accessed at

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