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Public Sector Values

The Public Sector Values have been developed to make it easier for us to work together by forming a culture and a vision that we all share. They have been encapsulated in the Values and Behaviours Framework to help you embed them in your organisation.

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The values reflect that as a public sector we are focussed on the ever changing needs of South Australians and the place of Government in helping to grow the State’s prosperity and wellbeing.

They were developed by more than 600 public sector employees of varying professions working together with the South Australian Government, Senior Management Council and organisational development specialists. They are a guide to behaviours and practices that apply to all employees, regardless of position, technical expertise, or location.

These values reflect the ongoing cultural evolution of the public sector and the world in which we work.

Public Sector Values and Behaviours Framework

South Australian Public Sector Values and Behaviours Framework


The Public Sector Values are a guide to behaviours and practices that apply to all employees, regardless of where we work or what we do.

Integrating values into our daily working practices is essential to bringing our culture and vision to life.

Naturally, individual workplaces or professions have unique circumstances and need to define for themselves what values, actions and behaviours are critical to the way they work.

Nursing and Midwifery, SA Health

The Caring with Kindness – Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework has been developed to provide guidance for the professional practice requirements for the nursing and midwifery profession across SA Health.

“Accountability: I will never walk past a standard of care that is unacceptable – the standard I walk past is the standard I accept.”

The development of Caring with Kindness and the associated interactive resource was significantly influenced by the participation and contribution of nurses, midwives and consumers.

Caring with Kindness has been developed to align with the requirements of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) for accreditation and the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Framework. This approach establishes Caring with Kindness as a means for providing evidence of achievement in nursing and midwifery practice across SA Health that aligns to both the NSQHSS and the Strategic Framework.

As cultural change is fundamental to the achievement of Caring with Kindness and other related strategic priorities contained within the Strategic Framework, the Professional Practice Framework identifies the required values and associated behaviours that underpin the desired culture. Vignettes are included to demonstrate the real meaning of the values and the expected behaviours in practice, and assist in creating a clear understanding of the expectations for the profession and a mechanism to hold others to account.


Values are the building blocks of our sector. They shape our organisational cultures and our interactions with colleagues, partners, customers, and citizens.

Employees need to be thoughtful about how they embrace the values in their working life. This requires some structured analysis and planning. This doesn’t have to be hard work and you can find some tools and collateral on this site to help you through that process.

The information generated should be included in the performance management and development plans that employees create with their managers.

You can order the Values posters on this website. If you’d like to use the screensaver in your workplace, please contact us.

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