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Premier’s Excellence in Public Value Awards 2017

The Office for the Public Sector is pleased to announce nominations for the newly-formed Premier’s Excellence in Public Value Awards 2017.

The Awards will recognise public sector individuals and teams who apply  the principles of public value to deliver exceptional outcomes, put South Australians at the centre of their work, and who consistently demonstrate the Public Sector Values (Our Values).

The newly-formed Awards build on the exisiting Premier’s Recognition of Excellence Program which began in 2014.

If you know an individual or team who embodies Our Values and has delivered exceptional public value, please take this opportunity to nominate and celebrate their achievements and their impact on the South Australian Public Sector.

For more information on the nomination process please read the Nomination Guide. To nominate someone for an award please complete the Nomination Form.

For more information please contact [email protected]

How you can participate and nominate

  • You can nominate your peers (including managers) or a team who meet the selection criteria
  • Agencies can submit nominations for employees who have been shortlisted as finalists through agency-based Reward or Recognition programs
  • Nominations can be coordinated by your agency’s HR Team


Please note you cannot self-nominate.

Award Categories

There are two award categories in the Premier’s Excellence in Public Value Awards for 2017:

  • Individual Award– Examples of individual excellence in demonstration of delivering public value and living the South Australian Public Sector Values (Our Values). This may include examples of inspiring others to strive for better delivery of public value through positive and consistent demonstration of value-based behaviours and decision making.
  • Team Award– Examples where teams have come together to deliver exceptional public value using their combined strengths to create better outcomes for South Australians. Cross- Agency examples are encouraged and all members involved will be considered a team for the purpose of this award category.





The criteria established against the award categories support the principles that underpin public value and demonstration of excellence in Our Values.

  1. Public value principles: What did the team or individual do to ensure that citizens were at the centre of policy, service design and delivery? This includes:
  • Clear articulation of the initiative or project
  • Demonstration of how stakeholders were engaged, how this informed processes and supported delivery
  • Well considered and efficient use of time and resources for delivery
  • Effective outcomes as a result of delivery.

Click here for information about public value

  1. Our Values: A focus on how the team or individual demonstrated values –based behaviours to ensure we make South Australia thrive. Please do not exceed more than three of the values in your response.
  • Service – demonstrated excellence in service provision
  • Professionalism – demonstrated excellence in professional conduct
  • Trust – demonstrated confidence in other people
  • Respect – demonstrated value in the people we engaged
  • Collaboration & Engagement – demonstrated collaborative approaches to identifying solutions
  • Honesty & Integrity – demonstrated honesty, consistency and fairness
  • Courage & Tenacity – demonstrated perseverance
  • Sustainability – demonstrated effectiveness.

Click here for information about the Public Sector Values and Behaviours

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