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South Australian Public Sector Innovation Lab

Established in 2017, the Public Sector Innovation Lab program is an evolution of Change@SouthAustralia, and aims to improve the lives of South Australians by using innovation to make government more efficient and effective for citizens and business.

The Innovation Lab program takes an outside-in approach to innovation and combines accelerated project delivery with sustainable change management principles to solve problems facing the South Australian economy and community.

Working with the South Australian Leadership Academy the Innovation Lab program seeks to mobilise the capability and expertise of current and emerging leaders.

Working with the Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab program focuses on three areas simultaneously:

  • Problem Space: solving problems and realising opportunities more efficiently and effectively
  • Capability: building innovation and entrepreneurial capability and capacity within Government
  • System: establishing and strengthening the conditions for innovation

Public Sector Innovation Lab focus area graphic

To achieve the greatest impact from projects and initiatives, the Innovation Lab works ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ agencies. This partnership approach, whether inside or outside of government, underpins efforts to create sustainable impact.

The Problem Space

There are many ways the Innovation Lab can work with agencies and organisations to understand, define and solve problems, creating better outcomes for citizens and businesses.

Building Capability

Finding new ways of working requires people to try new approaches, processes and tools. The Innovation Lab sources, develops and tests tools and approaches to innovation, then seeks to makes these available at scale inside and outside of government – whilst building capability and capacity with organisations it works with.

The System

The Innovation Lab establishes the conditions for innovation by:

  • helping people move through the system of government efficiently and effectively
  • identifying and fostering opportunities for collaboration to solve problems and share resources
  • challenging real and perceived barriers to innovation through program initiatives and demonstrating to people what’s possible.

Contact the Innovation Lab

Organisations who are interested in getting involved can contact the Director, Innovation Lab Naomi Szetu at

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