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Leading with Purpose, Living our Values with Denise Picton

March 1, 2018

2018 workshop dates will release soon.
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We get it.  Being a manager nowadays can be tough.

Workshop Outline

“…as a public sector we are focussed on the ever changing needs of South Australians and the place of Government in helping to grow the State’s prosperity and wellbeing.”

Our Premier asks each of us as senior public servants to align our leadership practice to this statement of purpose. We know this can be challenging given the diversity and volume of service we provide, and evolving needs and expectations.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a reflection and working space that will allow participants to:

This workshop will tackle questions such as:

Who should attend?

About your facilitator: Denise Picton, Managing Director, Oztrain
Denise has provided consulting and learning services to the SA Public Sector for over thirty years. She has worked with executive teams in every part of the sector over that time. Although she enjoys working with local government and private sector executives, Denise is a staunch fan of state public servants, and believes talking about purpose and strategy should be engaging and energising. She works hard to create workshop spaces where participants can feel safe to think, talk and share, but where they also walk away feeling challenged to change and to implement refreshed thinking back in the work place.


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