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Modern Manager Series – The Essentials of Modern Teams with Michelle Zweck

November 23, 2017

We get it.  Being a manager nowadays can be tough.

You want to change things for the better.  You want to create an environment where your team has the chance to be its best – to be as effective as it can be.  But your team members have differing styles, experiences and knowledge, and you’re faced with emerging technologies, intergenerational differences, greater flexibility and even changes in the setup of your workplace.

You want actionable ways to dynamically inspire team productivity and wellbeing.  You want to know how to manage this new wave of modern day teams.

Workshop Outline

We’ll cover the essentials of modern teamwork to set you up to thrive in the changing workplace of today. You’ll get tangible take-aways; from mindset, mental models and new ways of working, to casestudies, tools and tactics you can apply directly at work.

During this workshop , you will explore:

Who should attend?
Managers or aspiring managers who want to better understand how these new ways of working can benefit you and your organisation.

About your facilitator: Michelle Zweck

Michelle is an experienced facilitator, coach and speaker and has worked with a number of organisations around the management of change.  Her current role is Modern Workplace Change Manager, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, where she is leading the organisational change associated with the implementation of modern workplace initiatives.

The sessions scheduled for the 23rd November and 13th December are currently at capacity.

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