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Aboriginal Employment

As a public sector we are working to increase the employment of Aboriginal people in the South Australian public sector.

Our plan to achieve this brings specific activities together under three main action areas:

  1. Connecting Aboriginal job seekers to employment opportunities in the South Australian public sector.
  2. Providing mentoring support and leadership development opportunities for Aboriginal public sector employees.
  3. Providing strategic advice to public sector agencies on Aboriginal recruitment, retention and development.

For the purposes of this webpage, the term Aboriginal is used to refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within South Australia. This is not intended to exclude Torres Strait Islander people, or people that identify as being of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

Artwork: Karen Briggs

Aboriginal Employment Initiatives

Aboriginal Employment Register

The South Australian Government is committed to increasing the employment of Aboriginal people in the public sector. The government values the contribution and cultural diversity that Aboriginal people bring to the public sector workforce. The South Australian Public Sector is an ideal place for Aboriginal people to start or continue their career, as it offers a range of occupations and professional development opportunities.

If you are an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person and want to apply for employment in the public sector, please register your interest with the South Australian Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Register. The Aboriginal Employment Register is an employment opportunity program pursuant to Section 65 of the Public Sector Act 2009, which allows Aboriginal people to apply for all advertised vacancies in the South Australian Public Sector. Once registered, you will be considered for public sector job vacancies.

For further information free call 1800 960 622 or email. 

Aboriginal Traineeship Program

As part of the Skilling South Australia Initiative, the Aboriginal Traineeship Program for the Public Sector brings together the South Australian Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Register with a pre-employment program and mentoring support program.

The program provides a Certificate III level qualification and the opportunity of ongoing employment for 100 Aboriginal people.

Who can apply? Aboriginal jobseekers aged 17-35, particularly mature age jobseekers who haven’t previously worked in the public sector and who don’t have a Certificate III level qualification.

Each trainee will be supported with a dedicated mentor who is a public sector employee and has undertaken an Indigenous Mentoring Course.

For further information about the program, please or call 1800 960 622.

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