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Flexibility for the Future

Building a modern, diverse, flexible Public Sector

We’re building a contemporary public sector and that means offering a range of work options to attract and retain great staff.

Supporting employees to manage their work-life balance, at all stages of their lives is a business imperative. It has proven links with increased productivity, employee motivation and job satisfaction in organisations; as well as having positive health benefits for those individuals.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Consistent with the principles of the Premier’s Building a Stronger South Australia – A Modern Public Service Policy, the Office for the Public Sector is leading a new initiative.  Flexibility for the Future asks public sector employees to consider if part-time or more flexible working arrangements would work better for them. By increasing the opportunities for public sector employees to voluntarily work part-time, the public sector can create new South Australian jobs without increasing the net cost to Government.

Finding opportunities for South Australians as trainees or graduates is important for all of us — it increases our diversity and secures the future of a strong public sector for our State. Supporting part-time work gives us the space to do that — it’s win/win.

Flexibility for the Future is not about flexi-time arrangements. Flexible working arrangements can take many forms — part-time work, job-share, or purchased leave — and we commit to helping our people find the right balance between work and other interests and responsibilities.

This initiative asks managers and employees to explore what arrangements will work for individuals and their work areas. A key factor for the success of this initiative will be changing the culture of the public sector  and managers will be asked “if not, why not” to part-time work for their staff. That means managers being open to part-time arrangements at all levels of the organization and removing any cultural stigma attached to these arrangements if it exists within their teams.

It needs to be made clear that the uptake of part-time is voluntary and employees are not being asked to do more with less, or have their colleagues pick up the rest. All employees’ workloads must be adequately proportioned or re-designed to their work hours and classifications.

The Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Guideline & Determination – Flexible Workplaces, and Determination 3.1 Employment Conditions – Hours of Work, Overtime and Leave have been updated, and a number of new resources have been developed to support this initiative, including:

New jobs within the South Australian Public Sector

Government agencies will be required to utilise funds made available through the voluntary reduction of hours to create new South Australian jobs to redistribute the workload.

Whilst the focus of the Flexibility for the Future initiative is to support the creation of new jobs particularly for trainees and graduates, agencies can create positions to suit their business needs.

Creating new positions within the public sector provides an opportunity to continue to make the South Australian Public Sector a diverse workplace, which is important to South Australia as having a workforce that reflects our community helps government produce programs and policies that take into account the experiences and needs of all our citizens.

Increasing the number of people taking up part-time work could open up opportunities for talented South Australians to join our ranks — securing the future for a strong public service.


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Flexibility for the Future – Trainees and Graduates

The South Australian Government is committed to creating opportunities for South Australians to enter the public sector as trainees and graduates.

link to South Australian Government Traineeship and Graduate Program

Training and Supports

The Office for the Public Sector offers a variety of training opportunities and support to agencies to implement the Flexibility for the Future initiative including:

  • Middle Managers Training – How to have discussions with your team regarding flexible working arrangement
  • Supervisor training – training offered for public sector employees that supervise trainees and or graduates
  • Agency visits – to assist with the development of implementation plans, reporting processes,

Information Roadshows

Building a modern, diverse, flexible Public Sector

The Flexibility for the Future initiative opens the door to a range of work options to help you achieve a healthy work/life balance while creating opportunities for South Australians to join the Public Sector as graduates and trainees.

We invite and encourage you to think about how you work and how you and your team can benefit from this initiative.

Past events:

  • Monday 24 July- Port Lincoln
  • Thursday 10 August- Whyalla
  • Thursday 7 September- Murray Bridge
  • Monday 18 September- Mount Gambier (Please note: date has changed from 13 September to 18 September)

Frequently Asked Questions


Your Human Resources Consultant or Director are your first contact point for any questions or concerns regarding Flexibility for the Future.

If they are unable to assist please can contact the Office for the Public Sector – Employment Programs team by emailing Your email will be responded to within 48 hours.

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