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Dear Jobs4Youth Mentor,

Thank you for taking on such an important role in the Jobs4Youth program.

This vital program is renewing the South Australian public sector with enthusiastic, talented young people.

Jobs4Youth has inspired young people from a wide variety of backgrounds to start their careers in our public sector.

Recruits under Jobs4Youth are generally aged between 17 and 30 and working across a range of participating agencies in many different business areas.

Recruitment for 2017 is well underway and we look forward to your involvement with a selection of these young people.

Mentor groups are formed with up to five trainees or graduates, and meet regularly to discuss the challenges, unusual observations and opportunities for public servants.

Your role as a mentor is incredibly important as you will provide extra support to help develop future public servants. I want these trainees and graduates to be supported and encouraged as much as possible to ensure our public sector retains the best and brightest young people in our State.

I hope your experience as a Jobs4Youth mentor over the next 12 months is an enjoyable one.

Kind regards,

 Erma Ranieri signature

Erma Ranieri
Commissioner for Public Sector Employment
Office for the Public Sector

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