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I want to be a mentor!

Through the Jobs4Youth program, new trainees and graduates receive support to develop their skills and knowledge of working in the Public Sector. One of these avenues of support is mentoring.

What is mentoring?

Workplace mentoring is a professional support and learning partnership between employees designed to facilitate professional and personal growth for the both Mentors and Mentees. Mentoring is a dynamic process and unique to each pairing that utilises the sharing of knowledge and experience in professional conversations to support mentees develop their own professional capabilities and career pathways.

Who are we looking for?

  • SA Public Sector employees who can support new trainees and graduate program participants by sharing their experiences as a former Trainee or Graduate.
  • Any SA Public Sector employees who are passionate and willing to contribute to the development and develop of young people entering into the Public Sector.

Benefits of being a Mentor include:

  • Recognition of your skills and experience
  • Exposure to fresh perspective, ideas and approaches
  • The opportunity to develop your coaching, leadership and professional conversation skills
  • Ability to link learnings from being a Mentor to your own professional and personal development goals
  • The reward of having helped to shape and development a young person’s professional career
  • Inclusion of your participation in the Mentor program in your professional development plan

Role of the Mentor is to:

  • Develop an open and trusting relationship
  • Support the mentee to identify their role and organisational responsibilities
  • Showcase best practice and professional modelling for the Public Sector
  • Provide guidance and support through difficult situations
  • Help develop professional capabilities and assist in career and personal goal setting

What will I do as a Mentor?

  • Mentors will support a group of 5 trainees or graduates at a time.
  • A time commitment of one hour per month is needed for Mentors to meet with their Mentee(s)
  • Mentor meetings are held over a 10 month duration
  • Mentors facilitate professional conversations during their meetings to develop their Mentees understanding of the Public Sector
  • Mentors provide support and assist their mentees to develop their own professional capabilities and professional goal setting.
  • Mentors will be invited to ‘Mentor Check-In Sessions’ hosted by The Institute of Public Administration (IPAA).
  • More information can be found in the Trainee/Graduate Mentor Handbook.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the Mentor Registration Form and send to along with your current CV. Your name will be added to the register and you will be contacted once a group has been allocated to you. Groups are formed as trainees/graduates start their employment throughout the year so it could take some time before a group is allocated to you. Please note that your profile will be shared with your allocated group of trainees/graduates prior to your first meeting.

Please ensure you have discussed your interest in becoming a mentor with relevant Managers/HR.  You may be required to gain approval before submitting your registration of interest.

If you have any questions in relation to mentoring, please contact Carly Vivian on 822 63224 or Shellie Strike on 822 68462.


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