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Public Sector Fundamentals Skill Set

The Public Sector Fundamentals Skill Set is an extract from the Certificate IV in Government and will provide graduates with an introduction to working in Government and how this relates to their individual workplaces.

The program is to be completed by attending face-to-face training and undertaking training online. There will also be on-the-job training in the workplace, all of which will assist the graduates in developing the foundation skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a South Australian public sector employee.

The Certificate IV level uses terminology such as:

  • Uphold and support
  • Encourage
  • Value
  • Apply
  • Support
  • Provide input
  • Use
  • Compose

The pitch is to contribute, participate and to identify not to manage or be held responsible for outcomes. The level is expected to receive guidance and direction from supervisors/managers.

The graduates will require support from workplace managers, colleagues and specialist staff (e.g. Workplace Safety Representatives) when completing their learning tasks and assessments.

We have chosen some additional units to complement and expand on the skill set and provide graduates with a greater depth of knowledge.

What is a Unit of Competency?

A Unit of Competency describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake the job function described and is the smallest unit that can be assessed and recognised.

The Units of Competency are:

Required Units

  • Uphold and support the values and principles of public service (PSPETHC401A)
  • Value diversity (PSPGOV408A)
  • Apply government processes (PSPGOV422A)
  • Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector (PSPLEGN401A)
  • Support policy implementation (PSPPOL404A)

Additional Units

  • Provide input to change processes (PSPGOV405B)
  • Use advanced workplace communication strategies (PSPGOV412A)
  • Compose complex workplace documents (PSPGOV413A)

Linking off-the-job and on-the-job training

The learning plan graduates will be participating in is directly related to the work they are expected to undertake when they are in the workplace.

Although agencies will have internal policies, procedures and documents specific to their day-to-day business the skill set is an overview of how government works, what legislation guides us and the role of a public sector employee. The learning provides the graduates with the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the ideas, principles and practices relevant to the work they undertake as an employee in government. This theoretical learning is reinforced through structured on-the-job experiences which will be defined by the facilitators of learning.

A template has been developed to assist managers to write up an on-the-job learning plan for their graduate. The graduate’s job description and the purpose of the business unit are the foundations for this work plan.

It is highly recommended that managers use this template or develop one of their own to capture the tasks, timelines and outcomes expected of their graduate.

This work plan will provide the basis for reporting the graduate’s progress throughout the 12 months and assist the graduate to develop a comprehensive resume.

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