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Commissioner’s Women’s Mentoring Program

The Commissioner for Public Sector Employment is offering a 12-month mentoring program aimed to find and support the next generation of female public sector leaders and contribute to building capability within the South Australian public sector.

The program will increase the understanding of the biases and barriers experienced by women in leadership positions and offer a range of insights and experiences to support with advocating for their gender equality in senior leadership roles within the South Australian Public Sector.

The mentoring program will provide support with:

  • career planning both immediate and long-term
  • expanding professional networks
  • understanding of core business areas across the South Australian public sector
  • professional development.

The Commissioner will accept 10 participants based on an application process (opening late March 2017). Candidates will need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Existing female public sector employee (having held a South Australian public sector position for the past 12 months and will continue to hold one for duration of the 12 months program)
  • Be an aspiring leader or currently in a leadership role (ASO7 equivalent and above)
  • Show alignment to at least one of the following categories:
    • Innovation – ideas that can’t get traction and need guidance
    • Diversity – facing barriers – cultural, gender, linguistically diverse, disability
    • Flexibility – In transitioning life stages e.g. parenthood, caring for children/parents/family member


Applications have closed

Information Sheet for Applicants 

Commissioner’s Mentoring Program Application Form


Applications have closed
The 12-month program will commence in July 2017 and conclude in May/June 2018.

More information

Please email [email protected]

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