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Important Message

In response to COVID-19, the Manager Essentials program has been temporarily moved online.

All participants registered for intake two will soon receive details of the revised virtual delivery schedule. We are continuing to adapt delivery to the changing operating environment, so for the latest status, please contact:

Amanda Moody
Principal Leadership Development Consultant
(w) 8204 2273 (e)
In the meantime:

Thank you

South Australian Leadership Academy

Great Managers. Great Teams. Great Results.

Frontline managers play a critical role in driving a high performing public sector. That is why we are intentionally and systemically investing in developing our managers – so that we achieve great results for our great State.

The Manager Essentials program is a four-month development program for frontline managers that focuses on three essential areas for effectively managing in the South Australia Public Sector: Manage Self, Manage the Team and Manage the Business.

It offers:

  • A dynamic learning program featuring contemporary approaches and practical tools delivered by sought after experts
  • Contextualised learning to the South Australian Public Sector
  • Opportunities to connect and collaborate with peers across different agencies

Manager Essentials resources:

  • Program Brochure
  • Department / Agency Enrolment Form and Participant Enrolment List – multiple enrolments (complete both forms and return)
  • Enrolment Form – for individuals (see section on ‘Enrolment’ below)

Manager Essentials Participant Portal

Program Overview

This program gives managers the support, encouragement and structure to ramp up their leadership impact. Whether participants are new to managing, or if they are experienced managers, some of the areas managers will master include:

  • Understanding the four key success factors of emotional intelligence and using this powerful framework to create a personalised action plan.
  • Discovering personal strengths and blind spots and how they support and undermine management impact.
  • Selecting the right team members and cultivating their skills to drive high performance.
  • Learning how to get the job done by keeping the team focused and motivated whilst holding them accountable.
  • Understanding why fostering camaraderie, collaboration and inclusion are key to cultural transformation
  • Discovering ways to tackle challenging behaviours and situations before they get out of hand.
  • Exploring why planning, goal setting and managing time effectively can shift the odds in your favour.
  • Gaining robust strategies for leveraging your operational success during times of change.

The Virtual Manager Essentials program is delivered over a four-month period and consists of:

  • A half day Kick-Off Seminar event with inspiring key note speakers
  • A self-assessment tool on emotional intelligence with an optional coaching de-brief
  • Six core interactive webinars and four optional interactive webinars helping managers to manage self, manage the team and manage the business
  • Online Human Resource Essentials for Managers modules
  • Online micro learning activities (e.g. articles, short video clips, etc)
  • Closing Seminar with key note speakers
  • Alumni Events to re-connect with your public sector colleagues

Target Audience

The Manager Essentials program is designed for South Australian Public Sector frontline managers who are responsible for directly managing staff. Participants can be new managers or want to re-calibrate their skills.

This is a practising leadership and management program and not suitable for aspiring managers. While executives may attend, specific executive development opportunities are provided through the South Australian Leadership Academy.

Program Dates

Program dates coming soon

Manager Essentials Participant Portal


For agencies wanting to enrol multiple participants, please complete the Department / Agency Enrolment Form and Participant Enrolment List – multiple enrolments .

For individual enrolment, please see below. Note, individuals directly enrolling  are required to indicate on the registration form that they have endorsement from their Line Manager.

Register your interest for upcoming Intakes:

For agencies interested in future intakes of the Manager Essentials program, please add your name to our waitlist in this link.

For any program or date enquiries for Manager Essentials, please contact Amanda Moody for details. or


Time and investment

Participants are expected to attend ALL learning activities offered in the program.

Investment: TBA.

Investment includes:

  • Comprehensive learner guides and program aides
  • Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence self assessment tool
  • Pre and post micro learning activities
  • Online HR Essentials modules
  • Key learning seminars with guest speakers
  • Interactive online webinars
  • Certificate of completion


We value your questions and feedback. Please direct any enquiries to the Manager Essentials project team on 8204 2273  or via email:

or Amanda Moody on 0490 049 993 or via email:

Key note speakers

Kristen Hansen
CEO EnHansen Performance Pty Ltd
Kristen is a pioneer in the field of neuroleadership through executive coaching, training, keynote presentations and blended digital learning.  Kristen focusses on “transforming managers into agile leaders of change and performance”.


Richard Dore
Co-CEO Proteus Leadership
Richard Dore is recognised as one of the most effective Leadership, People and Workplace Culture Change facilitators in Australia.  People love his engaging facilitation style – he’s fun, irreverent, a great storyteller and more importantly he cuts through the hype.

Workshop facilitators

Angela Giacoumis
Co-CEO of Emotous

A successful business leader and entrepreneur, Angela is a sought-after leadership and emotional intelligence master trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker operating at the nexus of business and neuroscience. She transforms lives by unlocking the power of brave leadership.


John Dare
Co-CEO of Emotous 
John brings over 25 years of experience transforming and building businesses and cultures to thrive through accelerating change, including deep expertise in emotional intelligence, neuroscience and people analytics.


Steven Nayda
Executive Director of ZED Management Consulting
Steven has a unique ability to engage clients from all backgrounds at all levels. Steven has extensive background in working in the South Australian Public Sector.  He is very insightful, and he can draw on the collective wisdom of a group of leaders.  He is a very passionate facilitator and seeks a shared vision and pathway to success.

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