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Modern Manager Series

The Modern Manager Series offers workshops, seminars and forums to provide insights and techniques to assist managers, and those aspiring to a management role, to deal with the opportunities and challenges of change, keep updated on key government priorities and the future landscape of the Public Sector.

Overseas, interstate and local presenters will deliver the series and expose those responsible for managing people to new ideas, knowledge and skills, tools and techniques that can be applied back in the workplace.


Performance Management Essentials – How to effectively develop the performance of your team, with Debra Sarre
This workshop will prepare current and aspiring managers to lead high performing teams through effective performance management and development. Participants can expect to come away with the mindset and tools to undertake quality performance conversations, and to build on employee strengths for development and achievement of priorities.

Topics covered:

  • What is performance management and development, and why is it important?
  • How is performance management applied within the South Australian Public Sector?
  • Conversation fundamentals: focusing on employee strengths and operating with a growth mindset.
  • Clarity of expectations: Aligning individual priorities with agency outcomes.
  • Coaching and the feedback process.

This workshop will:

  • Build your understanding of effective performance management and development in the public sector.
  • Maximise your use of performance conversations as part of effective day-to-day leadership of teams.
  • Provide you with an overview of growth mindset and strength-focused strategies to support growth and development in your team.
  • Develop your ability to give and receive constructive, usable feedback to support open and productive relationships with your team.

Who should attend?

Public Sector managers looking to build their understanding of effectively managing and developing performance of their teams to achieve individual and shared goals. Participants will receive a workbook on the day to take home.

About your facilitator: Debra Sarre, Sarre ODL Director & Principal Consultant

Debra Sarre is a coach, facilitator and educator supporting the development of people in organisations. Drawing on 20 years of corporate experience, Debra specialises in building strong and positive leaders, teams and organisations. Her aim is to develop individuals and teams who draw on their own strengths to positively and collaboratively contribute to the goals of their organisation.

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