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South Australian Leadership Academy

A modern Public Sector needs modern, collective leadership. Great results for our State can only come from wise, agile leaders who work together with purpose.

That’s why our Public Sector is intentionally and systemically investing in leadership development for public sector employees.

The South Australian Leadership Academy is a new initiative to develop, connect and inspire leaders to collectively deliver great results for South Australia. It will enable higher impact development through a sector-wide, integrated and contemporary approach, providing experiential learning and a greater focus on:

  • Delivering public value
  • Connections across departmental boundaries, and with community, non-government and private sector organisations
  • Current policy and leadership challenges
  • Leadership development, not just leader development
  • Developing complexity of thinking

In its inaugural year, the South Australian Leadership Academy piloted programs that supported the Senior Management Council’s Strategic Priorities for 2017, included strengthening performance management and development practices, increasing the number of female executives, and increasing the number of Aboriginal executives.

Mailing List
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Core Programs

Executive Excellence Program
A program for high potential executives ready to take on further leadership experience in higher level or more complex roles.  Program information can be found here.

Nominations for the 2017 program are now closed.

The Next Execs (Emerging Executives Program)
A program for high potential managers currently leading teams or projects (ASO7 and equivalent) to develop leadership capabilities required for higher level or more complex roles, in which they will be leading other managers and/or a division.  A program overview can be found here.

Nominations for the 2017 program are now closed.

Aboriginal Frontline Leadership Program
A program for Aboriginal employees wanting to transition from being an individual performer to leading a team.  A program overview can be found here.

Nominations for the 2017 program are now closed.

Online Public Value Fundamentals Course

Public Value Fundamentals Course (online)

An online course which outlines the key principles of Professor Mark Moore’s public value framework and its application pioneered at the Harvard Kennedy School, USA.

Public value is an approach to public sector management that is being implemented across government to support the vision for South Australia to be a place where people and business thrive. It puts citizens at the centre of policy, service design and delivery.

The online course helps employees familiarise themselves with the public value framework so that they can apply it on a daily basis in the work they do.  It is a snapshot of the fundamental principles and provides case studies to aid with understanding its application.

It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

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