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Archived publications

These publications are out of date and are provided for reference purposes only. Many of these publications have been superseded and current versions can be found elsewhere on the site.

If you have any questions about current or archived publications, please contact us.

Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector

This Code of Ethics operated from 1 February 2010 to 12 July 2015.  A new Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector has since been issued.

Code of Practice for Crown Self-Insured Employers

The purpose of the Code is to provide South Australian public sector agencies, in their capacity as Crown self-insured employers, with a framework for injury prevention and management as defined by legislation and policy, and an outline of the WorkCoverSA policies and procedures for the administration of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 (WRC Act).

Commissioner's Determinations

Determinations of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment are binding and cover a range of public sector employment matters.

Under Section 16(1) of the Public Sector Act 2009, the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment:

“…may issue determinations relating to
(a) employment in the Public Service; and
(b) public sector employment outside the Public Service that is declared by another Act or the regulations under this Act to be employment to which this section applies.”

Comissioner's Guidelines

Guidelines of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment provide guidance on the application of a number of public sector employment matters. They are not binding in nature.

The Commissioner is empowered under section 14(d) of the Act to issue guidelines relating to public sector employment matters.

Commissioner's Standards

The Commissioner’s Standards issued under the Public Sector Management Act 1995 remain valid until they are rescinded and replaced with Determinations issued under the Public Sector Act 2009.

All Commissioner’s Standards except Standard 3.3 – Responsive and Safe Employment Conditions – Employment relations have now been superseded.

Good Practice Guides

In 2007 the Government Reform Commission was formed to identify opportunities to improve the way government operates, to recognise excellence in public service and to promote leadership. The GRC was also asked to look at the sorts of obstacles that slow down government processes, frustrate the public and prevent public servants from doing their job quickly and efficiently.

The Commission released a range of good practice guides to provide information, advice and tools that could be used in various areas to make government processes easier, more practical and more effective.

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