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Redeployment Retraining and Redundancy (RRR) Committee and the RRR Sub-Committee and Public Sector Variation Regulations 2015

RRR Committee

A Redeployment, Retraining and Redundancy Committee (RRR Committee) has been established by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment.

The terms of reference for this Committee are currently being reviewed and this page will be updated following approval by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment.

Sub-Committee of the RRR Committee

The sub-committee reports to the RRR Committee. The purpose of the RRR Sub-Committee is to:

  1. Facilitate the consistent and best practice adoption of case management principles through using and developing technical expertise within agencies.
  2. Monitor, review and make recommendations to the RRR committee on the management of regionally based excess employees and those who have been excess for greater than nine months.
  3. Review and provide feedback to the RRR Committee on all documentation related to RRR arrangements, as set out in respective enterprise agreements.

Public Sector Variation Regulations 2015

To ensure the Determination applies to the employees and agencies covered by the Enterprise Agreement, the  Public Sector Variation Regulations 2015 have been made by the Governor of South Australia.

This legislation is available in multiple formats at

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