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The Influence Imperative with Dr Margaret Byrne and Dr Grant Robertson

December 10, 2018

The South Australian Leadership Academy presents…

The Influence Imperative with Dr Margaret Byrne and Dr Grant Robertson

Sharpen your personal influence for career success

Change is constant in today’s contemporary workplaces.    To help navigate change, we must confidently and regularly exercise our personal influence to maximise the value of our contribution and, help others to do the same. While this can prove challenging at times, our brain is wired for influence.

Enhancing our ability to influence, and helping others to effectively influence, is a game changer.

In most work situations, it is much more effective for managers to positively influence others towards a shared goal, encouraging and supporting their team to do their best, rather than try to command or control.   Applying effective influence techniques can really make a difference.

In this short session, you’ll learn about:

There is little doubt people who influence others effectively – whatever their level or role – possess a valuable career asset. Everyone can benefit from learning how to influence others more effectively, particularly those of us who are in, or aspire toward, leadership roles. If that’s you, register your interest today.

About your facilitators

Dr Margaret Byrne

Margaret has a BA and MA from Oxford, and postgraduate qualifications in adult learning from Bristol University, as well as an Australian PhD. She is known for the way she balances intellectual rigour with a passion for practical outcomes that make a measurable difference to leaders and their organisations. She’s been a senior executive in several large organisations and a past winner of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in the Corporate Sector Category.

Dr Grant Robertson

Grant has a PhD in leadership, having focussed his thesis on distributed leadership. He also holds an MBA and Master of Electronic Commerce, and initially completed a Bachelor of Social Science, as well as an Honours Degree in Psychology. Grant was born in South Africa, where he held a wide range of positions in the corporate, public and education sectors. In each, he envisioned, championed and led strategic projects that resulted in significant organisational change. He is also deeply interested in strategic thinking and complexity and consults in these fields.

You can learn more about Margaret and Grant at

Event Details

Due to overwhelming demand the session scheduled for 2:30pm-3:30pm on Monday 10th December 2018 is now FULL.

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